Your Journey With Us 携手共享 瑜伽之旅

June Holidays 1-for-1 yoga promotion

Partner yoga is fun! it provides a good opportunity for bonding and better understanding between family members, friends and loved ones. Grab this opportunity now!

Terms and conditions:

  • Promotion is valid for new students who signed up for a trial class in June and consumed the class within a month after signing up.
  • Fees to be paid before the class starts.
  • All fees paid are not refundable.
  • Students who signed up for at least 10 lessons after the trial class either as individuals or as partners will be able to enjoy a promotional package.

TV Feature

Li Peng coached former National Tennis Player Ms Yu Meng Yu for the filming of an interview for a Mediacorp Channel 8 programme Morning Express featuring Tokyo Olympics in 2020. 丽平为新传媒8频道《晨光第一线》2020东京奥运会的报道,指导前乒乓国手于梦雨瑜伽动作。

Find your balance in life

About Us

Yoga8288 is founded based on the belief that yoga can change life for the better, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Yoga8288 means everyone from eight years old or even younger to seniors in their eighties or older, can do yoga.


Our logo

Our circular logo depicts a community of like-minded yoga practitioners, from 8 to 88 years old, come together.

The circle with two openings symbolize the breath in yoga – inhalation and exhalation.

The ‘Y’ element that forms the circle speaks about the Yin and Yang elements in yoga.

The cyan colour is chosen because it is a soothing colour that is between the sky blue and the grass green, both colours of nature.

This logo is designed by German Engineer Mr Alaeddin Holger Nemec.

圆圈设计意指8岁到88岁的志同道合者组成的群组。开端式的圆圈寓意一呼一吸。Y字母以英语暗示了瑜伽的阴阳调和。蓝绿色的设计让人联想到蓝天绿地。品牌设计概念 源自德国工程师Alaeddin Holger Nemec.

Our Founder

Li Peng is a Singaporean woman in her 50s who has benefited from yoga. She used to suffer from scoliosis pain in her thirties. It was so painful that she could not even carry her sling bag on her shoulder.

She did not seek medical treatment then but relied on rest. She had been living with pain until she started practising yoga in her fourties. Since then, her pain had not returned. She was also commented as having better complexion. To Li Peng, the benefits of yoga are more than physical, she becomes stronger mentally, calmer spiritually. This is why she wants to share this ancient art with more people.


Our Mission

To provide our yoga practitioners with individual attention, to help them build a strong foundation.


Our Vision

To improve the lives of our practitioners physically, mentally and spiritually. Through time, practitioners can spread their positive energy to others.


Li Peng’s Students Said

Yami Yeo : 

It wasn’t easy for someone who hardly exercise due to work but after about 2 years of yoga my body and limbs are now more supple when it used to be ‘hardwork’ for me to even zip my clothes.  During the course, I have also lost weight and now feel more lean and taut.
It was hardwork for me and very easy to give up, but with teacher’s encouragement and perseverance, I have  learnt to enjoy and see the benefits of yoga even better now with various yoga positions.  

Nallie :
Li Peng has been our yoga instructor for more than 4 years. We are in a small group of four. She really enjoys teaching us. She always guides us patiently, systematically and leads us towards fundamental requirements. She is proficient and I really appreciate her tolerance and would like to wish her every success in her future career.

Yvonne Teo :

My sessions with Li Peng were individually customised and crafted to suit my needs.

I have had about 14 yoga sessions with Li Peng, so far.

In between weekly sessions, Li Peng would often remind me to work on my poses and stretches daily.

She was very patient with me, respecting my limitations, yet encouraging me to go a little beyond my abilities, cautioning me always to be mindful of not hurting myself.

With no hesitation, I will be happy to recommend Li Peng to anyone who wishes to have personalised or group yoga sessions.

We have since become friends today.

陈秀凤 :

Kian Nguan :
Li peng is a very good teacher who caters her sessions to the student’s needs.
She is also very professional and pays attention to details.
4 and a half stars out of 5.

Tseh Yi :

My practice begins from May 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic and it’s still on-going. Having one-on-one ZOOM session is a new experience and a change of mindset. After 8 months of practice, I am more alert and have greater self-awareness. Physically, I am stronger and are more tone. Most importantly, I sleep well as I perspire a lot during every practice. With my consistent practice, my stamina builds up, I can feel a great flow of ‘Qi’ over my body. My breath becomes deeper, I also experience less body aching and feel lighter and faster with my walk/jog. Yoga stretching also helps to activate my hips. My left leg which used to be weaker gets stronger.

Molly :

I would like to express my gratitude and thankfulness to my yoga teacher Li Peng as after being her student I have experienced the improvement in my mind body and life style . She is the best positive cheerful and friendly philosopher guide for me. Due to COVID situation and change in lifestyle, I had put on unnecessary weight which I am on track to lose since past couple of months. And hopefully I will continue losing. I wish Li Peng the best success in life and endorse Li Peng yoga classes for everyone !

Li Peng’s Teachers said…

Sarah Manning, Senior Lecturer for IYTA Advanced Training in Yin Yoga:

I met Li Peng during the Vyasa supported IYTA Yin Teacher Training programme in 2018. It consists of 50 hours of training – with self directed studies prior to the contact hours and written assessments. A total of 28 hours of contact hours with me, two 2 hour assessments and 20 hours of research, on-line resources and preparation. 

Li Peng handled all the preparation and contact hours with commitment and focus. Her good humour and enthusiasm is key to her success as a team player in the activities that they needed to complete. Her written assessments were exceptional (one was 100%).

I have no hesitation in recommending Li Peng as a dedicated and reliable teacher of yin yoga. She has a warmth and steadiness that will nurture all she teaches.

My Training

  1. Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana Yoga Instructors’ Course completed in Aug 2013
  2. Headstand workshop x 2 – Pure Yoga
  3. Children’s yoga training – Pure Yoga
  4. Yoga & Physiology – Vyasa Yoga
  5. Yoga Marketing – Vyasa Yoga
  6. Applied Anatomy and Physiology for yoga instructors 16-20 April 18 – Vyasa Yoga
  7. Chair Yoga – Pure Yoga
  8. 30-hour Mentorship Immersion Programme 15-19 June 18 – Pure Yoga
  9. Yin Yoga Teacher’s Training 6-21 October 2018 – International Yoga Teachers Association
  10. Advance Hatha Yoga Teacher’s Training 2 March – 5 May 2019 – Vyasa Yoga

Teaching Methodology

Li Peng believes in bringing out the best possibilities in students by encouraging them to explore themselves step by step while respecting their bodies, thereby building up their confidence and giving them a solid foundation. She prefers to teach small groups of students to give them individual attention. She also modifies yoga sequencing and poses, or makes use of props according to the needs of her students. She likes to create a friendly, caring and relaxed environment for students to feel at home and breathe. She hopes she and her students can learn and grow together.


Start Your Journey Now…

This is a personal website cum a blog page. I provide various types of yoga training, e.g., hatha yoga, yin yang yoga, yin yoga and chair yoga. The practice can take place at a community club (please look out for my post on this website. I am teaching at Angsana RC in Hougang as well as Tampines North CC currently.) or in the form of a one-on-one practice or small group practice. The venue can be at the practitioner’s home or at a location convenient to the practitioner. Fee wise, one-on-one trial practice at the practitioner’s home will be capped at S$100 per hour. Private classes with a maximum of 6 persons start from S$20 per hour per person. Fee for long-term practice is negotiable.

Feel free to whatsapp Li Peng at 91286486.

这是一个个人网站兼博客平台。丽平教导的,包括哈达瑜伽,阴瑜伽,阴阳瑜伽和椅子瑜伽。上课地点可以是学员的家,民众联络所或其他适当的地点。收费方面,导师上门教单人,每小时100新元。六人小组每人每小时20新元。上课次数越多,每小时收费越低。欲知详情,请传简讯给丽平 91286486。

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