My students said…

Yami Yeo : 

It wasn’t easy for someone who hardly exercise due to work but after about 2 years of yoga my body and limbs are now more supple when it used to be ‘hardwork’ for me to even zip my clothes.  During the course, I have also lost weight and now feel more lean and taut.
It was hardwork for me and very easy to give up, but with teacher’s encouragement and perseverance, I have  learnt to enjoy and see the benefits of yoga even better now with various yoga positions.  

Nallie :
Li Peng has been our yoga instructor for more than 4 years. We are in a small group of four. She really enjoys teaching us. She always guides us patiently, systematically and leads us towards fundamental requirements. She is proficient and I really appreciate her tolerance and would like to wish her every success in her future career.

陈秀凤 :

Yvonne Teo :

I have had about 14 yoga sessions with Li Peng, so far.

My sessions with Li Peng were individually customised and crafted to suit my needs.

In between weekly sessions, Li Peng would often remind me to work on my poses and stretches daily.

She was very patient with me, respecting my limitations, yet encouraging me to go a little beyond my abilities, cautioning me always to mindful of not hurting myself.

With no hesitation, I will be happy to recommend Li Peng to anyone who wishes to have personalised or group yoga sessions.

We have since become friends today.

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